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On March 23, 2001 a Conference was held on the "Function of C.P.P.S. 'Montalto' in the Management of the Hare for the Repopulation of the Provincial Territory". The conference was held at the Castle of Monte Antico (GR) and was attended by a large number of guests, witness to the lively interest generated by the activities of the Centre.

Talks given by members of both the scientific and political community as well as the Director of the Centre, Emilio Cappelli, will certainly bring notable benefits to the study of and the raising of wildlife in captivity. In this sense, the participation of the delegates from the Regions of Puglia and Sicily is especially significant as it has led to the planning of new collaborations with the Centre.

Full details of the conference, including the conference agenda, and downloadable versions of all of the talks given that day are available in the Italian language section of this website.