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C.P.P.S. "Montalto" is situated near the village of Civitella Marittima in the Province of Grosseto. The Centre occupies 13.5 ha, 9 of which are completely fenced in, and the other 4.5 ha are devoted to the Centre's infrastructure: access roads, parking and fields cultivated with grains used in feeding the animals in cages.

With time, this location has proved to be ideal on account of its peacefulness, its distance from inhabited areas, and the absence of disturbances to the timid character of the animals being raised. A great deal of attention has been given to the Centre's defensive systems for the protection of the animals' peace of mind. The area bordering on the Centre (around 135 ha) has been declared a no-hunting zone so as to eliminate further disturbance.

A notable contribution to the success of the Centre comes from the natural lie of the land on which it resides. The downward slope of the terrain allows for proper drainage of surface water and facing the east, it is sheltered from the wind. These factors help to decrease the onset of illness caused by excessive humidity or the presence of strong air currents.


The 2m high perimeter fence, is structured so as to prevent access by predators. The bottom 1m of the enclosure is made up of a double layer of fencing anchored in cement and lined with electrified wires at two levels so providing protection even from the smallest predator. In addition, the top of the fence is fitted with an anti-climbing system angled at 45º..

The Structure of the Centre

The Centre is made up of four distinct areas:

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