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The "Centro Pubblico di Produzione Selvaggina 'Montalto'" (Montalto Centre for Raising Wildlife) is located in the territory of Civitella Paganico, in the province of Grosseto. The Centre takes its name from the hill close to the village of Civitella Marittima upon which it is situated. The land occupied by the Centre is property of the local council administration.

This area is characterized by a low density of residential buildings and industrial activity. It lies on a downward slope and, for the most part, is covered in sparse woodland vegetation alternating with disused farmland.

This habitat is very suitable for the hare. Because of it's mild climate and vegetation rich in nutrients, the animals are able to find sources of food throughout the year. These factors were taken into account by the Associazione Intercomunale no.28 "Area Grossetana" when it identified Civitella Paganico as an area favourable to the breeding of hare.

The existing environmental characteristics of the region were kept in mind during the planning of the Centre. As much as possible these have remained unaltered, and where modifications were absolutely necessary they were combined with minor agricultural operations designed to improve the provision of food in the orientation pens, in keeping with the Centre's original objectives.

The primary objective of the Centre is the breeding of hare in a semi-natural state, so that they can be released into the territory of the Province of Grosseto with a high probability of survival.