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The initial proposal for the creation of the C.P.P.S. "Montalto" (PDF) is presented under the initiative of the Associazione Intercomunale n.28 - "Area Grossetana". The proposal is edited by Leo Giuliani (Tecnico Associazione Intercomunale n.28).
The Centre begins operations with 10 breeding pairs acquired from the company "Narduzzi Giorgio di Zanigo di Mirano" in the Province of Venice.
By executive order no. 1409 (PDF), the Council of the Province of Grosseto orders the official founding of the Centre and delegates the management of the Centre to the Associazione Intercomunale n.28.
The Centre is officially opened. (PDF)
1988 - 1990
The number of breeding pairs is increased up to an average of 156 couples. The Centre is expanded.
In compliance with new regulations regarding veterinary activities, the management of the Centre is passed from the Associazione Intercomunale n.28 to the Province of Grosseto. (PDF)
A research project on the nutrition of hare in the orientation pens is initiated. The research is conducted by Dr. Marco Mencagli (agronomist). The research will eventually lead to a program of sewing seeds within the pens. (PDF) The objective is to familiarize the animals with the vegetation that will make up their basic diet once released into the wild. During the same year, collaboration begins with the Department for Animal Production at the University of Pisa.
An agreement is signed granting the use of state lands to C.P.P.S. Montalto.
With the decision no.256, the Council of the Municipality of Civitella Paganico accepts the request of the Province of Grosseto regarding the management of the Centre and approves the agreement in principle.
With the signing of an agreement by Giovanni Spadola, Director of the Hunting Sector of the Province of Grosseto and Loris Petri, Mayor of the Municipality of Civitella Paganico, the Province of Grosseto officially entrusts the technical and administrative operations of the Centre, the care of the animals and the maintenance of the Centre's infrastructure to the Municipality of Civitella Paganico.
Collaboration begins between the Centre and the Department of Animal Pathology of the University of Pisa.
Stefano Montemaggi and Emilio Cappelli (Director of C.P.P.S. "Montalto") sign an agreement renewing the concession of state lands for use by the Centre.
A conference entitled "The Function of C.P.P.S. 'Montalto' in the management of hare for the repopulation of the Provincial Territory" is held in the castle of Monte Antico (GR)